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  • LC School Complaint Procedures & Form
          (English)  (Spanish)
  • LC School District Homeless Procedures/Guidelines                    (English)    (Spanish) 

  • LC School District Parent and Family Engagement Policy 2018-19
          (English)    (Spanish) 

  • LC School District Parent and Family Engagement Plan 2018-19
          (English)    (Spanish)
  • MES Parent/Family Engagement Plan 2018-19
          (English)    (Spanish)

  • MES School-Parent Compact 2018-19
          (English)    (Spanish)

  • MES Title I Brochure 2018-19
          (Engl ish)     (Spanish)


Governor's Report Card
of the Long County School System

Long County School District
Long County High School
Long County Middle School
McClelland Elementary School
Smiley Elementary School​

U.S. Dept. of Education released a new parent guide on ESSA’s requirements about state and local report cards. The direct link is at :
McClelland Elementary School

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